Friday, 6 January 2012

MOVIE REVIEW : Cancer Sucks


In 2007, cancer causes about 13% of human deaths worldwide. Rates are rising and more people suffered physically and emotionally due this cruel symptoms. So how to make a depressing subject into a movie and make it interesting? 50/50 just did it.

"You can't change your situation. The only think that you can change is how you choose to deal with it."

The story lines is simple Adam a healthy young man. He went to an expert to check on his back pain and found out that he was having a some sort of spinal cancer. The story move through how he dealt with cancer and how it affected his life and his relationship with his friends, girlfriend, cute psychiatrist and his parent. This is a very good dramedy, you know a drama fill with comedy, but still cancer aint no laughing matter. It almost twice as hard if you watching this and you already had someone or two that you love passed away because of the damn cancer.  :(

So for the acting. Gordon-Levitt done well in this roles,he play it calm while trying to dealt with his  condition and other thing. He is a great actor and I dont know what role he will play in much anticipated The Dark Knight rises but i think he will nailed it too. Anna Kendrick were good as a cute psychiatrist and the best actor in this movie for would be Seth Rogen, his character are still the same as his past movie but somehow as a sometime douche, inappropriately funny yet caring best friend of Adam it works here. If I were in some sort of condition as Adam I would love this kind of friend beside me. 

That what best friend do,he shave your head for you.

This dramedy is not for all,you need patience to go through with it but its not that boring at all. Some scene really make your eyes watery for some reason,some were hilariously funny,and some Harry Potter reference that make me burst out laughing.

This movie is ENJOYABLE if you into this kind of dramedy story.

And I still rate CANCER damn suck!!!

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