Saturday, 24 December 2011

MOVIE REVIEW : MI4 or Ethan Hunt one way of saying "Hey Wolverine you are not the only one!!"

Mission Impossible 4 : Ghost Protocol

The latest adventure of Ethan Hunt and other guys (that include one hot lady). Go and see this movie and kept your logic thinking aside this movie will blow your mind. and yeah Wolverine you want to know your origin go find Ethan Hunt,from what I saw, whatever experiment you had this guy had too.

Mission accomplished! Mission accomplished! Mission accomplished! 

To make it simple this time someone/or a group of people blow up Kremlin tower and got something related to nuclear and blame it on the IMF team. So the US presidents invoke the Ghost Protocol mission. The team got to find the real culprit to clean their name and also stop the nuclear missile,in doing so they going to have to used what ever had left on them,the will not received any help and if get caught they will be brand as international terrorist. So yeah,the mission is indeed impossible.

Thankfully, apart from the past MI franchise,this one doesn't evolved solely on Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise). This time we got to see more of the crew and how they work as a team. Simon Pegg as Benji was solid in this, this guy make funny seems effortless. Jeremy Renner as Brandt was good too, he delivered a good serious guy with deadpan character, if they want to make a James Bond or Jason Bourne movie who are not too serious yet good at what he do this guy should be in it,i hope they make one soon! and then there is one lady in the team Jane (Paula Patton) who doesn't do a thing apart from being beautiful and hot, i'm kidding... she can act. Anil Kapoor also make a funny cameo too.

Have you seen the X Man Wolverine Origin, this movie was poor enough but it was made even worse that they don't show us Ethan Hunt as one of the subject of experiment along with Wolverine. If you see this movie you know what I meant, his head and body crash into several steel and glasses, he escaped big explosion, get hit by a car, involved in ridiculous car crash and he not even fainted ok at least one he faint and he seems to get up,heal from all injuries and do some more ridiculous stun, Wolverine can hired this guy to be his stun double. Credit to Tom Cruise he made Ethan Hunt believable no matter how ridiculous that guy is. There are two scene that stand out for me The Burj Khalifa scene where Ethan Hunt crawl outside the window of Burj Khalifa and the storm chasing scene,pure adrenaline action.

Yeah Spidey, I am taking your spot too.

Hanging outside Burj Khalifa, because i'm bored

Did I mention that he did the stun in the Burj Khalifa himself ? I don't care how small percent that was actually him in the scene that we saw in the movie hanging 100 floors off the ground no matter how many harness involved that is badass!! Salute to you Mr Cruise. Below are video of Cruise hanging out at the Burj Khalifa

Top that Hugh Jackman !!!

All in all I enjoy the movie. Awesome action scene, not so complicated story line albeit ridiculous ending,got a few great characters,got funny moment. Throw your logic for a few minute you got yourself a great action flick.

I rate this movie ENJOYABLE.


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