Thursday, 15 December 2011

Movie Review : NERD RULES


Mark who???

'You know, you really don't need a forensics team to get to the bottom of this. If you guys were the inventors of Facebook, you'd have invented Facebook". 

Social network. this is the story of one of the most trending thing in the world matter where you are. what you are, and what your interest are, if you have an internet connection I am sure 99% of you know one little networking site called FACEBOOK. This is a movie about the invention of that site and his inventor...the coolest nerd of all Mark Zuckerberg and every obstacle that come along the way.

The Social Network Trailer!!!

It all start when his girlfriend dump him and to express his anger and despair he badmouthing his ex on his blog and while doing that create a site called Facemash that got 22000 hits in 2 hours. So for girls out there if you happened to has a nerdy boyfriend and if you have to ditch him try to make sure if he got "that" billionaire potential just in case. Who know he could be the next Zuckerberg??!! If you look at most of the rich,successful and famous people nowaday the chances are most of them are nerd. Its a fact! 

The story revolved around Zuckerberg developement of Facebook. How he accused of plagiarism during the developement of it ?. How his relationship with his best friend Saverin thorn up during the rise of the site ? How he met Sean Parker a young enterpreneur,founder of Napster along the way, and how does Sean Parker related to Facebook somehow and for me the best part of the movie was the main character Mark Zuckerberg behaviors and antics along 2 hours timeline. Credit to Jesse Eisenberg who acted so well, I am no friend of Zuckerberg so I cannot tell you he portrayed nail on the head of Zuckerberg but he made you believe that it is Zuckerberg that you watch here. Other actor also did well but I totally impressed with Justin Timberlake portrayal of Sean Parker. Sean Parker is the most interesting supporting character that you have seen in a movie this past year or two. Memorable quote "Drop the "the",just facebook,its cleaner!"

All in all the pace of the movie is slow but still enjoyable ride of movie. The story was good and its focus on the popular culture "Facebook" which everybody know and we curious on how it started and how it make one nerdy to a billionaire in just a couple of years, good stuff right??!! great actors and directed by the director of great movie Fight Club,Seven..David Fincher.

I rate this movie Enjoyable !!! 

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