Sunday, 11 December 2011

Welcome to the world of blog...eventually, after 12 years of the popularity of blog !!!

Hahahaha...for those who familiar with Futurama Series you might know this title being quoted to Fry in the first episode. Fry been introduced to the future in that episode and just like Fry I am also introduced to the world of blogging today...(haha see the similiarities..nope??!!...)

like the future we all know what were presented to us but we couldnt really enjoy it unless we in it, blogging I already know there were million of blog till date and it less cool now than 10 years ago maybe but enjoy reading others is one thing while enjoying posting yourself is others...(still dont get the similiarities...ok,stop judging me...)

Anyway,I welcome myself to the world of mumbling through digital..good job me!!!

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