Sunday, 18 December 2011

Movie Review : That damn spinning TOTEM


Cristopher Nolan is the king of cinema. No matter how revolutionary Avatar is Nolan is still the best in term of storytelling and entertainment and i would like to call a thinking movie. U cannot doubt this guy, seriously u cannot direct the best movie of all time The Dark Knight and a year later come out with another movie that have the equal awesomeness and better yet make a movie about dream enjoyable and challenge you to think along...INCEPTION.

Don't you want to take a leap of faith? Or become an old man, filled with regret, waiting to die alone! 

A lot of buzz have been made about the complexity of this movie. Actually it is not that hard movie to follow and you dont have to be an expert to understand the movie yet it is an exciting mind boggling cinema experience that one can have. The only problem that all movie nerds still arguing is, THAT DAMN TOTEM.

A bit about the story. Cobb (Leonardo Di Caprio) a "dream thief" assemble a team that include a forger,an architect, a chemist,and Cobb dream thief partner Arthur (Joseph Gordon Levitt) to plant an idea deep in Robert Fischer subconscious to make Robert Fischer destroying his father energy empire, by doing this Cobb guaranteed to get his life back. The one who can guaranteed that Cobb get back his life is Saito (Ken Watanabe). So Cobb the expert in dream within a dream work, led this team into a mission in Fischer's dream. Little that his team know that Cobb had some kind of disturbance that related to Cobb wife Mal (Marion Cotillard) whenever he enter dream state that may bring danger to their mission.

The acting was solid in this one, everyone bring their A game to this movie. Leonardo Di Caprio when I saw him in Titanic I thought that he is the same kind of actor as Robert Pattinson nowadays, good look and no talent but he kept proving me wrong since Catch Me If You Can.Marion Cotillard no doubt a great actress and she also done well and beautiful in this movie especially in the make herself looks beautiful part. This movie might be his second best work since The Departed. JGL also did well in this movie, he is a great actor, you can catch his early work in 500 Days of Summer. He has the best action scene maybe of all time in term of stylish and innovative kind of way in this movie.

Yeah!! Top that everyone else
No stop-motion bullshit here


There were a few thing that kind of make this movie great thinking movie and create a few debate among moviegoers such as :

1. Cobb's kids, you dont see their face until the end so you cannot be sure if at the end that was really Cobb's   kids.

2. What if his wife were right and he is the one in limbo, trap in his dream?  

3. In one scene Cobb met his father in law,Miles (cameo by the great Michael Caine) and Miles told him to come back to the entire movie a dream all along??

4. If the solution to limbo is kill yourself again to get you back to reality why the hell that they were so piss off arguing with themselves including Cobb when they first know about limbo in the Hangar 

5. Wouldnt it be two or three Cobb in the limbo after the van drop in the water? just a thought...the Cobb in the van die and yup goes to limbo,the one that blown away in the snow scene doesnt this Cobb go to limbo aswell he didnt feel the kick too did he? and then the Cobb that went with Ariadne to the limbo but refused to get kicked out because he want to search Saito?

6. and yeah definitely the last 10 or 15 second of the movies THAT DAMN SPINNING TOTEM!!

credit to Mr Nolan or whoever else that thought about cutting the scene before the totem stop spinning..damn brilliant!

All in all I rate this movie : PURE CINEMATIC EXCITEMENT

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